World Cup 2022

(we're still here somehow)

This is an API for the World Cup(2014,2018) and Women's World Cup(2015,2019) 2022! that scrapes current match results and outputs match data as JSON, including events such as goals, substitutions, and cards, see the GitHub page for full details, or just play with it. No guarantees are made as to its accuracy, or that it will stay up. But hey, it's made it through four world cups!

All match data, updated in real time

GET /matches

by default, this only returns a match summary and the smaller views show details but you can change that.

Full list of params below!


filtering! extended match details!

GET /matches/today

Returns all of today's matches

(yes, there's also a /tomorrow endpoint)

GET /matches/current

Returns the current match, if a match is happening, otherwise nothing. Maybe you can use it to turn on your TV?

GET /teams/:country

What's a Rails API without another show endpoint?

GET /teams

Results for teams (wins, losses, draws, goals_for, goals_against)

Handy for those group stage arguments!


You can append ?by_date=desc to any query to sort the matches by future to past. ?by_date=asc does past to future.

You can append ?by= with optional params total_goals, closest_score, away_team_goals, home_team_goals